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The Catalog

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Private Instruction

A variety of private instruction & personal coaching opportunities....

The Beginners Workshops

Several workshops especially suited to adults just starting out in the acting business....

The Child Actors Workshops

Workshops designed especially for children ages 12 and under....

The Teen Actors Workshops

Acting workshops for persons 13 to 17 years of age. Just starting out, or advanced....

The Parents of Young Performers Workshops

Learn how the entertainment business works, how to protect your childs interests, avoid costly mistakes, market their talents, and much more. If you have a child or teen aged actor, you need to be informed....

The Adult Actor

General Acting Workshops for Adults ages 18 and over.

The Motion Picture Workshops

A collection of workshops designed to inform actors about the specifics of screen acting....

The Television Workshops

Workshops for actors interested in commercials, serials, soap operas and more....

The Theater Workshops

Live theater performance workshops for actors interested in the stage, and musical theater....

The Print & Promotions Workshops

Print & Promotions are not only for models, it's for well trained, seasoned actors....

The Voice Over Workshops

Interested in doing voice work in commercials, radio, television, film, animation? Our voice over workshops will show you how, refine your skills, and lead you to work....

The Audition Workshops

All actors have to audition at one time or another to get work. We help you sort the process out, and refine your skills so you audition your best....

The Improvisation Workshops

Improvisation is not just for fun, it's also a tool to help you when you or a fellow actor forget lines, blocking, or simply need to be a character where no character was scripted or developed....

The Public Speaking Workshops

Public Speaking

Business & Entertainment

Workshops of interest to entertainment, corporate and political professionals....

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