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Beginners - Starting Here, Starting Now, Starting Over

Starting Here, Starting Now.... Starting Over, provides the information, and motivation to make your ambitions have new meaning, new hope, and new results. Answers to questions long unanswered, reasons for goals unrealized; every actor has encountered what they consider to be obstacles to the advancement of their careers. A variety of mysteries, and misinformation are the universal roadblocks to actors starting out for the first time, and those that have been trying for years. Whether you are starting out, or starting over, its time to focus on what matters most... You. Starting here, Starting Now.. you'll have reasons to be more confident, motivated, and employed. The mysteries and myths that seem to shroud the simple truth will be revealed for what they are, enabling you to see where you're going, and how to get there.

One day seminar: 2 hours 15 min. long

Limited enrollment for individualized attention

For Beginners, or Seasoned Actors

Saturday, Dates Available

Please see Getting Started & Introduction to Acting for full workshops that elaborate on some of the concepts covered in Starting Here, Starting Now... Starting Over.

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